Hi! This is Supriyo Jana. I’m currently pursuing Bio-Medical Engineering from JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani, West Bengal. Today I am gonna share something that may help you in the upcoming days of your life. I have learned it after a lot of experiments. The first thing that I have realized is, having a burning desire. Yes, it’s very important. Today I am considered as a good student. Let me tell you, I wasn’t that good in my 1st year, I worked hard, I made all necessary efforts but nothing worked. My target was set at 9.5 and I wrote this fraction everywhere. I started working on it and at the end of my 3rd semester I got 9.43, previously I got 8.25 and 8.21 and stood up 7th I guess. Amazingly after that 2nd year, I was the one who got the award of the departmental topper. These things made me realize that everything in life is possible.

All we need to do is to have a burning desire in us, it’s the desire where the thoughts come from, and our thoughts become our action.

That’s what exactly happened in my case. It’s my suggestion to all of you if you are not scoring well, doesn’t matter…focus on your target don’t think about failure and start working on it because I believe if I can do it, you can do it as well. I am still learning, but this lesson is the most important one so far. This is not about only scoring good marks, for me, it was my goal. I wanted good marks if you want to be a good sportsman or a singer or a dancer for everything you should have a burning desire.

The intensity of your desire should be high and be dedicated and respectful stop complaining about systems, subjects, teachers and college.

If you complain you will get more situation for complaining. Be grateful for what you have and be focused on your target. BEST OF LUCK.

Guest post by Supriyo Jana