As said:

“Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter one tries to grasp it the faster it runs through their fingers”. 

I still remember the day when I first entered the college and now a few months later, I’ll be walking out of those gates leaving behind thousands of memories.

I am here to share my first and wonderful experience through the whole placement process of Capgemini.

Well, I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t prepared for the campus drive. In fact, very, frankly speaking, I started my preparation from 5th semester itself.

I would not say Capgemini was my dream company, but yes it was in my good books.

As an organization, Capgemini holds the reputation for being one of the best IT companies in India to join as a fresher with excellent onboarding and provides a very engaging training session. The work-life scenario is balanced and skill development is promoted.

So, when the notice came for the campus drive for Capgemini, I got nervous and my confidence spiraled down, but I knew I was prepared for the face-off.

After one long never-ending week, finally, the day arrived i.e. 5th September, when we had to appear for the aptitude and the pseudo code test at NIT Agarpara.

All I had was a mixed feeling of nervousness, some strange sort of palpitation etc., but I was determined and the main strategy that worked in my mind was that no matter what the results are, I’ll try to give my 100%.

Firstly, we had to wait for a couple of hours before they started with the process by the introduction of the company. I was quite impressed with their attributes.

At the end of the introductory session, we were all instructed to appear for the aptitude test at the scheduled time.

Frankly speaking, my heart was racing. As soon as we entered the allotted aptitude rooms respectively, we were first instructed to fill all the necessary details on the online test portal and start with the test. The test covered total 33 questions in 80 minutes(32 aptitude and logical questions in 50 minutes and 1 essay in 30 minutes).

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After the completion, we all gathered at the seminar hall and the accordingly the results were announced and fortunately, I got selected.

Believe me when the names were being called, that feeling though!!! Thousands and thousands of thoughts run past your mind.

After that, we all appeared for the pseudo code round and accordingly the day was called off by announcing the final list of the students who were to appear for the interview the following day.

Next day, we were all geared up for the interview and the HR procedures. Well, that seemed tougher than the previous day! Especially, when you hear the news of few candidates getting rejected at the technical interviews, trust me, that moment and those feelings, that kind of swallow you. I guess I am short of words to describe exactly how it is.

Finally, my turn came and I was called by the interviewer. Not that I would say I was not nervous, but as soon as I entered through that door, suddenly, all my nervousness and everything just washed off and I constantly kept telling myself that “He is just a teacher and I’m giving my viva exam!”. Believe me, This actually works! My interview went well and consequently, I was called for the Hr interview.

It was 7:30 P.M. on the clock and they informed us that the results will be announced accordingly later at the respective colleges. Next day, finally the big news came, I got placed at CAPGEMINI.

At first, it was not that a wonderful experience as I was under pressure, tension and what not but I finally emerged out with bright colors. I think the key is to hold up and not crack yourself under pressure. Remaining calm and composed and facing your fears one at a time.

And remember, hard work and perseverance always pays-off.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for Deepashree Bhattacharya that was worth sharing. Hope you all enjoyed reading.

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