When you apply for any company to work, you are always prompted with these types of question which are quite natural. Questions like:

  • What is it like to be working with Johnson Controls for a fresher?
  • What is it like working for Johnson Controls India?
  • Is the IT career safe in Johnson Controls India? What kinds of IT projects are they having?
  • What’s it like to work at Johnson Controls for your first job?
  • Which job is better in Johnson Controls marketing or project?
  • What are some things new employees should know going into their first day at Johnson Controls?
  • What kind of preparation is needed to get into Johnson Control Company?
  • What is the scope of getting a job in Johnson Controls?
  • What is the recruitment procedure of Johnson Controls in India?

Ain’t it? So we have gathered some information from relevant sources which may help you.



Johnson Controls has a history of 130 years and is a pioneer in BMS domain (Building Management System). Johnson Controls International Plc is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Cork, Ireland[2] that produces automotive parts such as batteries and electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings.

It employs 170,000 people in more than 1,300 locations across six continents. As of 2016 it was listed 242nd in the Fortune Global 500[3]; in 2017 it became ineligible for the Fortune 500, as it was headquartered outside the U.S. (Source: Wikipedia)



  • It’s a great company to work with.
  • Everything is defined in BOS (business operating system) and one doesn’t have to worry about the Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Working at JCI is be very nice feeling, as you will be working with one of the fortune 500 companies. And it is currently ranked at #70 by fortune 500 companies.



  • It’s a friendly work culture and there is no extra work load. And most of them here are less than 30 years old.
  • JCI always strives to make its employees. fully satisfied with the role and job responsibilities. Also it makes the engineers more of practical approach than just bookish ones.
  • Also considering the onshore opportunities, they are a lot. There is good compensation and company (JCI PUNE) has the bonus distribution part which is very attractive in terms of payment.
  • Indeed you will be working with some of the finest skilled peoples in the world, making lot of memories and good friends lasting long.


After the 8 hours of work, I go home without any tensions

Nobody says no. Every idea/thought is entertained in here (shop floor).

I can’t say about the other engineers, but for myself, it’s like a college project sometimes.



  • The best thing that you will like is working there is the transparency of information and you can talk about any issue in the morning meetings (department wise)
  • Johnson Controls prefers talent over experience hence if you’re talented and ambitious then, the sky is the limit.
  • JCI takes care of his employ very well. The work culture is cool but there are times when you’re overloaded with work.
  • Anyway, the appraisal is good, they even give you a good bonus after every year end. JCI takes very good care of its employees.
  • JCI is a pretty good company to work with.
  • JCI may give you work onsite but there is a benefit about it, that you will get more practical industrial knowledge.

Marketing VS Project based Job?

Marketing there always more opportunities to travel.

JCI being a global company, you might get a chance to travel across the globe.

The incentives are more in marketing when compared to Project.

However, working on a particular project is a stable job but then it has its own pressure and long work hours with monotonous life.


Recruitment Procedure:

In the online test, you have to solve 60 questions in 60 minutes(No negative marking). The structure of test is pretty different. You can’t jump directly on 40th question, you have to solve sequentially. If you know the answer then click on the option and save it. Once you saved the answer, you can’t change the option. If you don’t know the answer or you want to solve it later then skip the question, it’ll be repeated after some questions.

In that, 15 questions are of quantitative aptitude, 10 questions are based on verbal ability and 25 questions are of technical.

1. Quantitative Aptitude comprehends these topics

Time & work, Time Speed & Distance, Boats & streams, Profit & loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Ages, HCF & LCM, Average , Area, Numbers, Probability, Permutation & combinations

Note-I mentioned the topics according to importance sequentially.

In the test that I have appeared, quantitative aptitude was easy. Go through all the questions of Aptitude Questions and Answers of respective topics. Most of the questions are from Indiabix site.

2. Logical Reasoning & Verbal Ability

Go through all the sections of Logical reasoning & verbal ability of Indiabix. All the questions were from Indiabix.

3. Technical Section

Johnson controls didn’t reveal their syllabus for technical section. I read that company is looking for employees who are aware of .net, MVC & WFC .

We read all core computer science subject. But in the test, all the questions were based on .Net. There were 20 questions of .Net and 5 questions were based on c programming.

All .net questions were from Indiabix. In C based questions they asked to find the output of the given program and all the programs were based on sizeof() operator.

Interview Experience:

1.Technical Round

The first question he asked me-“Tell me about yourself ?”

Then he asked some basic questions on DBMS, C, and Java

Then he asked some logical questions like

“He married many women but has not been married to any woman. Who is he ?”

“Which is the word spelled wrong in the dictionary ?”

Go through the basics of Data structure, C, Java, DBMS.

And for logical questions, only presence of mind works. Solve the puzzles, riddles, logical problems as much as you can. They test your problem-solving approach.

If interviewer asked such logical question, don’t give up. Take your time to solve it. If give up as soon as the question is asked, it’ll be a bad impact of yours.

2. Technical Round + HR Round

In this round, I had been asked only technical and logical questions. But this time, the level of questions was high.

Logical questions they asked are-

i) How will measure 4 liters of water using 5 liter and 3-liter jugs?

ii) The day after tomorrow is 3 days before Wednesday then what is the day 2 days after today?

For such type logical questions, ask the interviewer for pen and paper so that you can note the question shortly.

To know more about online test and interview, write your queries in comments.

Note-This is a personal experience by Kartikesh Saurkar. Company may change its procedure or syllabus for the interview.


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