No doubt, we live in the modern era where it is hard to find any students without a smartphone.
It is also true that students use different mobile applications not only for entertainment, but for studying as well.

So here we’re listing 9 apps that will make you more productive and smart:

Adobe reader

Every student deals with PDF files and this is the best PDF viewer out there! It also allows you to manage all your PDF files in one place.


CamScanner is a great easy to use productivity app which comes in handy for almost any college student. Using this, you can scan various documents like lecture notes, registration forms, study guides, homework and save them to your device for later use.


Dropbox is our favorite online storage platform! Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe. You can also share and collaborate files with friends.

Google Calendar

Well, most people already have this app installed on their Android phone but we’re still mentioning this because it’s a cool productivity tool. It helps you to save your time and help you make the most of every day.

Google Keep

This one is our favorite note taking app! Capture inspirations when it strikes! Keep is simply the quickest way to offload ideas, thoughts, and to-dos without losing focus. This one is a must have!


College students often face problems with money, especially those who live in hostels or dorms. And sometimes they don’t even know where the money is going or say often it is hard to track down. Do not let this happen, download Monefy to control your budget and track where your money is spent on.


Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the web. You can also follow people to read their recommended articles.


“The best answer to any question” yes! Their tagline tells best about it. Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts including astronauts, police officers, actors, lawyers, and more. Get real industry insider knowledge.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

And it is what its name suggests…and probably it’s the best out there. It has all the features that any good scientific calculator has. But obviously, you shouldn’t use it in your exam hall ????

So this was our list of 9 must have android apps. Please do comment below which app you use the most ????