Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Python is not only used for programming. But, it’s also the most growing community in the data science field. In data science, python has a great competitor ‘R(object-oriented programming language)’. So, the point is that if you are going to learn Python. Firstly, do research about tech giant (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc) how they are dealing with python and what they are demanding from the community.

Here are the following ways you can learn more effectively with the practical approach:

  • Learn basic level and solve programming contests questions.
  • Try to learn advance level with data structures and algorithms and solve competitive programming questions.
  • Study machine learning/deep learning algorithms and build great projects in the data science field.
  • Build simple and useful software applications and try them out by understanding the product usage aspect of it.

Python’s development community is growing by 2x Speed. If you are a newbie and confused in getting a better answer for why should you learn python?

Firstly, take a basic python programming course. And try to solve the basics problems. Here you can check this course on Udemy:

Having a clear concept about the topic will help you understand the dynamics of it. Then decide to learn the specialization related to it.

This was a guest post by Anshu Shandilya. He is a Computer Science Student. He is passionate about building android applications and learning about the startup ecosystem. He is currently working as a Android Development Intern at KiwisMedia. You can connect with him on Twitter

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