College life was always fun when you have the best people around you ????

But still we are engineers, right? We tend to explore uncharted territories, we basically love it…

So did I do the same?

It was always fun trying up new stuffs, learning new things, enjoying college life at best.

College was definitely boring, but the people around were awesome.

I hated attending classes, my attendance was always a serious issue, teachers always complaining about me, it was all a part of my college story.

Yes but I did learn stuffs on my own, maybe and truly I am just not good at anything but I always had the zeal to learn to do something different out of the box.

Robotics, Entrepreneurship, Debates, Outing, Trips…I tried everything. Because I always believed to keep myself happy by doing what I love.

It’s so important to know what you love don’t let people tell you that this stuff is tough for you. Keep on trying don’t stop. Don’t expect a lot from institution but try to gather as much information from the teachers…

Never ever give up…never!

Discover yourself make good friend and memories so that once you leave the institution you’ll definitely cherish it.

I do miss college I miss my friends and juniors a lot.

Do great in life guys and keep rocking ????


Niladrit Mondal (JISCE alumni)