The journey from dream to reality has been a roller coaster. After four semesters and a cut throat screening exam when I was finally selected for the Winter Education Tour in Asian Institute Of Technology(AIT) I felt ecstasy.

On 2nd February my journey began with 49 students from three different colleges of JIS group (JISCE, GNIT, and NIT) and two faculty members. From 2nd-16th February 49 students saw the world from a different angle. Netaji Subhash Chandra airport, Kolkata was a thrill but after landing in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport was a spectacle. Their architecture is world class.
A bus from AIT took us from airport to our hotel D-LUXX. Though we were very tired and sleepy we were taken to the college and served an Indian meal, it was quite a surprise actually. Lunch was shortly followed by the Opening Ceremony of the tour. Little did we know that all of us will have such a transformation from the opening to the closing ceremony.

We attended back to back lectures on various topics (eg. remote sensing, internet of things, GPS, emotional intelligence, nanotechnology) in the morning and evenings were very eventful. On Mondays and Thursdays, we visited the Night Market famous for their inexpensive goodies and food. Evenings were busy with presentation and cultural program rehearsals and map making.

On the first Saturday afternoon, we were taken to the National Science Museum, three buildings filled with modern gadgets and innovations and also historical remains of Thailand.

The very next Sunday we visited the Safari World, it was splendor. We saw zebras, giraffes, tigers, bears and thousands of birds wandering in open fields in the Safari Park. In the Marine Park, we saw some shows where sea lions, dolphins, elephants and Orangutan showed stunts. But the best show was Spy Wars, a real-time action scene with special effects. We all got wet as the speedboat zoomed past us. We visited two malls (Future Park and MBK Center) and Asiatique during our stay.

Asian Institute Of Technology is a class apart. Students from all over the world came to study there. It was international in every way. The faculties and students never let us feel out of the home. In our 15 days tour, we never missed our home because they became family.

On the last day the students performed in the closing ceremony. No one could believe our stay came to an end so fast. We concluded our journey by visiting the historical place Ayutthaya. Even after returning home I couldn’t forget the magic of AIT and Bangkok and obviously those lovely friends I made back there.

A thank you will be very little to show my gratitude towards JIS Group and AIT.

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Doyeli Chakraborty

3rd year, Bio-medical Engineering,

JIS College of Engineering