At some point in our career, we tend to feel stuck and do self-introspection whether we are on the right path or not. Sometimes we are too much driven by the concept of money-making that we pick any job to fulfill our temporary pleasures and regret later. Sometimes we feel that this job will help us in our career progression, but five years later, we are still there. Or when you had given a position, your KRAs were different. Suddenly you realize that you are struggling with completely different roles and none of them are adding to your knowledge. Though you may feel stuck when these career roadblocks crop up, there are concrete ways to circumvent them. There are various career mistakes that can trip you up but can effectively overcome them if you have a renewed perspective and purpose.

Whatever your objectives are, your career will halt if you blindly work “hard” and assume that is enough. You have to consciously navigate your career towards the goals you proactively choose and simultaneously add the right value to accelerate your career opportunities. You can do the same by enrolling yourself in different programs and develop an industry-driven skill set. Enrolling yourself in management programs is one of the best ways to upgrade your skills and qualifications. These programs ensure that your career does not stall or stay stuck in a rut.

Let’s do a deeper dive to understand why enrolling yourself in management programs
will act as a growth enabler for you:

  • Provides a Broader Career Perspective: Management programs like MBA or PGDM helps in developing problem-solving, critical thinking and people skills that are very crucial in the business landscape. There are many industry leaders in the
    marketplace such as Deloitte, Intel, Bank of America, etc. that value a management certification from a highly renowned and acclaimed institute because they want to hire candidates with managerial skills. Business leaders are aware that such kind of
    certification can bring a broader business perspective in addition to domain knowledge.
  • Offers Industry Expertise & Insights: A management program can open the doors to the latest industry insights and things that are trending in the marketplace, imparts technical skills such as analytics and business strategy formulation, and sharpen data interpretation skills. In addition to this, it also enhances the communication and leadership skills of the candidates that strengthens the foundation for career success. Students can learn to solve real-world problems using the available resources and information at hand. They also get a chance to learn and interact with industry leaders/professionals and evaluate what works in the real world. Thus, candidates learn to apply their learning in a daily job setting and visualize its immediate impact in the real case scenario.
  • Develops Key-Skills for New Roles: Your current qualifications and experience will be of no use if you are not taking any efforts to upgrade your skills. If you are looking to re-evaluate your current role and see how you can contribute more to your work
    or even gain more out of it, a management program from a leading institute is the ideal choice. It will allow candidates to switch gears and catapult themselves into new roles with the help of industry-related projects. Also, you will be able to build an
    expansive professional network that will help you in your further career guidance and knowledge.

If working in the same role or stagnating at the same level is eroding your satisfaction in a banking job, then clearly it is time to make some changes. An executive management program will offer you the best of both worlds by allowing you to upskill for better growth, without losing your place in the workforce.

PGXPM – Post-Graduate Executive Program by Great Lakes
The PGXPM by Great Lakes Institute of Management is perfect executive MBA for all those executives out there who have spent considerable time in the industry and desperately want to upgrade their career ladder. The 20 months post graduate executive program in management helps these professionals develop general management competencies, prepares them for their aspirations, and encourages to take up the higher leadership positions.

It is a 7-term blended, rigorous and fully mentored holistic program with 7.5 days of classroom sessions in each term, with a set of core courses on Finance, Marketing, Operations, Technology, and Human Resources Management. It helps to develop competencies in General Management and Business Leadership, among the 38 courses tailored to suit the Global Business Environment, delivered by distinguished faculty from US, European and Asian B-Schools. The program architecture offers group and executive coaching, 360-degree assessment, and team activities, throughout its course. Candidates get an opportunity to interact and learn from eminent thought leaders and industry stalwarts and gain first-hand knowledge.

All the best for your journey.