In our 3rd Semester, we were told to prepare a mini project on our domain i.e Computer Science and Engineering. So after going through a lot of casual discussions we finally decided to make something that will be helpful for we students. We came up an idea of making Finance Managing application. It will be something that would help us track our daily expenses.

As a student, we do have many expenses in our daily life. Since our pocket money is limited, we often face the problem of proper management of the expenses for which ultimately we end up losing all our pocket money knowingly and unknowingly.

The features that we have added in our project are:

  • The Total amount can be to be added
  • Expenses can be added with date and tags
  • A timeline that shows all the recent expenses
  • Show the remaining balance
  • And lastly a simple user-friendly interface

To do this project we have used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip and Bootstrap library.

We would like to acknowledge our mentor Monalisa Ma’am for guiding us throughout the project. She is very kind and we’re really thankful for getting such opportunity to build something under her guidance.

Since we had a short of time, we couldn’t add more reliable features but we have plans to add some more features in the near future. It’s a working web app so you can download it and use. Please let us know what do you feel about it. Thank you.

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